Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Pineal Gland...our connection to All that is

For those who are not familiar with the Pineal Gland, it is defined in the dictionary as

~a small, cone-shaped endocrine organ in the posterior forebrain, secreting melatonin and involved in biorhythms and gonadal development~

While it has its physical functions, for the purposes of this note, we are going to look at it from an awareness/energy perspective. It's often suggested that it is the "third eye". While this is true, the third eye is more a doorway to reaching the treasures that the pineal holds for us all.

The Pineal gland is our connection to existence, it is our connection to our true selves and provides us access to all in existence. Having said that I believe that as with our own growth in general, we grow into the access we have available through our pineal gland.

Most of us have lived many lifetimes, learned much along the way and continue to do so throughout our lifetime. As we heal and learn, so too do we have a greater access to the knowledge and insights our pineal can provide to us. As we are able to perceive ourselves as an infinite consciousness, we are opening ourselves up to the mysteries of our life and existence. The ultimate flow we all strive for is that of recognizing ourselves as an infinite consciousness which allows us a vast new perception related to life, ourselves and all else with awareness within existence.

As we grow into and reclaim the awareness our pineal gland has to share with us, through every step of our journey, we find our balance becoming even more apparent and centered. The key to this journey or rekindling with our true self through our pineal is to open to the idea of freeing oureslves of creations like hierarchies, that no one is better or worse than another whether they be human, animal, plant, tree and recognize that all our on their own path to their own truth, and we are all here to co-exist lovingly, take responsibility for our own actions, behaviours and responses, and respect others free will to make their choices and learning within their own lives.

In reconnecting with your pineal, its important to note, that it may bring up certain perceptions to replace with a larger perception. It's always your choice what or how you want to perceive situations, beliefs etc...just remember, this is your pineal gland...your access to your piece of the puzzle, and is there to help you grow, not to hinder your growth.

Also worth noting in reconnectiong with the pineal, your thoughts will be magnified ...allow the subconscious thoughts (that can be barriers and blocks to your growth), to be front and center. While it may sound daunting, this is a perfect opportunity to wrap those thoughts with unconditional love and clear them. Once cleared your coreself will fill in those areas vacated with your core energies (i.e. unconditional love)

If you want to reconnect with your pineal gland, here is a exercise/meditation you can try:

Sitting in your sun (which represents your own core energies), use your thought intent to call your pineal forward...

Visual your pineal....sending unconditional love to it and feeling it for yourself from it....

Speak with it... acknowledging that your desire is to increase your perceptions of yourself and willing to release any perceptions that may be blocking you from a wider perception of yourself and existence....

Pay attention to the thoughts you have or what you hear from your pineal...this can be a life changing experience....have a pen and paper ready to record any thoughts, or messages it has to share with you....

Then embrace your pineal gland...and and feel yourself becoming one with it....

Call on your coreself, mitochondria and symbionts to rebalance your energy appropriately once you have reconnected with your pineal gland.

Benefits of reconnecting with your pineal:

1. clearing out blocks/barriers that your subconscious may throw at you

2. a new perception in many areas of your life and throught processes..i.e. free will choice, situations, others who have awareness like the earth herself, animals, plants, trees, and those we may not even be aware of from beyond the earth.

3. a renewed sense of balance and centeredness

4. it enables us to develop an empowered perspective in life

© The WISE Approach 2009