Monday, April 19, 2010

The Power and Protection of Pure Intent

One of the most important things to know and be aware of is that INTENT is not just words, without actions to back the words, the words are empty.

It's easy for us to say we will do this, do that, live like this, live like that, but unless we actually follow those words with action, we are not living as our intent states but we are just following the status quo.

The various crazes related to the Law of Attraction use intent as an intricate part of their foundation, and while the intent in this case is important, I'm going to take some time to look at intent at a deeper level, where its power really lies.

The perspective I come from is one where the belief is that we are all born clean, whole and healthy from our first lifetime taking a soul. It is at this time we have what I refer to as “pure intent”. Our pure intent at this time of our existence is at its most powerful and is the greatest protection we can have in our life. Pure intent is defined as an acknowledgment and belief that we all have the right to be clean, whole and healthy with a deep respect for free will choice both our own and others and for each of our individual true pathways. Our pure intent also acknowledges that we all have our own truth, and that is to be respected providing it is not causing harm to another.

To relate this to our life today, pure intent can be seen as our umbrella intent, to which all other choices, reactions, behaviours and actions, that result from our embracing our free will choice, will fall under the umbrella intent. As we make choices and develop our intent, those individual intents which do not go against our pure intent, will fall under the umbrella intent. As a result of these choices being protected by the umbrella, there is little chance of them getting wet.

For those choices we make that go against our pure intent, they will fall outside the umbrella intent. This will result in those choices not having the protection that pure intent has to offer, and will get wet. The analogy of the umbrella is a simple way of showing that our lives will run smooth if we live our pure intent and if our choices go against our pure intent in some way, our lives can end up in some kind of turmoil, which in most cases, whether recognized as such or not, is our own inner turmoil.

In understanding the power of our pure intent we first must understand what our Pure Intent really means. We all have a true pathway, free will choice and a right to be clean, whole and healthy. These are the foundations of our Pure Intent and understanding and living within this intent is powerful and is your greatest protection.


In understanding our life, there are some important understandings needed in relation to your true pathway.

•We are always on our true pathway, even in those times when there are the most challenges. Those challenges we experience are our time of learning, a time when we can learn to understand ourself and others and bring inner peace into our lives. All paths we walk and follow all lead back to our true pathway.

•Our purpose is for learning and experiencing situations and issues that can help us to grow as a person through healing and understanding.

•Unconditional love of self is one of the greatest lessons we will progress to learn and is the one that will bring the most inner peace to each of us. It is a work in progress and requires a shifted perspective on how we see ourselves, how we see others. It leads to a greater understanding of ourselves and others and in a time when fighting and war is so prevalent, it is the key to peace on earth

•the unconditional love leads to another understanding, which is that growth and healing does not come from blaming either ones self of others, it comes from taking responsibility for oneself.


With key understandings in place related to true pathways, we can move onto free will choice. We all have free will choice, and choosing not to make a decision or choice and/or allowing another to make our choices/decisions, is in itself you making a choice.

Respecting and embracing free will choice is not something that we can pick and choose to accept for ourselves or others but something to be embraced within ourselves for ourselves and for others. We may not always agree with the choices others around us make, but if respecting free will is something we expect for ourselves then we must give the same respect to others. In those situations where you may not agree with another persons choice, you have the choice yourself to walk away from a situation. Having said that there are underlying factors that don't always make that feasible, at which time your pure intent will help you to find your peace within the situation.

We as individuals need to be responsible for our choices, our reactions, our behaviours, our decisions. Each time we allow another to upset us, hurt us, make us sad, make us feel anything, it is our choice to feel as we do. It is us, who are allowing another to make us feel those emotions. You will see more later, where taking responsibility or blaming relates to our free will choice aspect of our pure intent.
By our nature, most humans are very compassionate and want to help others. Yet at the same time, we only want to help those that we feel are worthy of our help. In relation to free will choice its important to understand that with every choice, decision, behaviour etc there are consequences. Those consequences may be good or they may be not so good. Understanding that, regardless of the consequence, this is an opportunity for learning and growth within ourselves. So for those that use their free will choice to make choices we don't agree with , its important that we understand that the one making the choice/decision/behaviour etc has an opportunity to learn something, and as mentioned above, it is part of their true pathway and not for us to hinder them in anyway by thinking we can make better choices for them. If we force our own choice on them, for their situation, then we are not only hindering their free will choice, but we are also potentially hindering them in learning an important lesson along their pathway.

Its also very important to understand that within our society, free will choice is not well respected and we are taught at a very young age to not create our own individual intent in life but to follow what is being told to us, act how we are told and expected to act, think how we are told to think. Recognizing the existence of this control on our free will choice is a step closer to self empowerment and living our pure intent.


The importance of this section refers also to our reasons for existing. Being open to new ideas and concepts is empowering in the sense that you are able to learn continuously about those things that can hinder us from being clean whole and healthy. In that way, it is our responsibility to embrace this right for ourselves and to learn all we can to make this happen for ourselves. While we may call upon God or angels to do this and that for us, they will only do what is within your awareness and knowledge, so they do not go against your free will choice.


Everything is energy, we are energy, this computer I use to type this information is energy, the floors we walk on, the roads we drive on, everything is energy. Just as our physical bodies can get dirty from day to day living, so too can our energy. While we have been taught from a young age that bathing or showers will clean our physical bodies, little about cleaning our energy has been known or shared with us. There are many things that can “dirty” up our energy daily. Just as, for example, sweat can give us an awareness of residue needing cleared from our bodies, awareness is key in cleaning our energy. Until we are aware of the existence of something, it doesn't exist.

We took our first soul as clean pure energies, but life itself, as with our physical body, can leave dirt or residue on us based on our experiences. From an energy perspective, our experiences, emotions, connections with others also leave a residue needing cleared to bring us back to our own pure energy. If you consider how long ones life is, and realize that we have many lifetimes we each have lived to date, the amount of build up of residue and various energies sticking to us, is significant.
What are the benefits of being clean?

Just as food, our environment, addictive substances, and everything else in our physical lives can have an affect on our health and feeling whole, so can the energies and residues that may be clinging to our energy. The various things that cling can have an affect on our mental, physical and spiritual state of well being and health. Without an awareness of this possibility, then those things that can actually affect our health and well being, don't exist for people, which can lead them down paths of reaction to the symptoms they feel in their lives.

For example, if you have trouble quieting your mind, or your mind is constantly bombarding you with thoughts or messages, that can be a clue that there may be things clinging to your energy that are causing that overwhelming feeling in your mind.

From a physical perspective, we may feel others pain and without the awareness that it belongs to someone else we tend to automatically claim it as our own. Once we claim it as our own, then we continue to feel it and in turn it has an affect on our daily lives.

From the spiritual side of things, those things clinging to us can actually block truths we may have within from surfacing, in an attempt to manipulate your beliefs and your pure intent. As mentioned earlier, this can result in your intent being outside of your umbrella intent, leading to challenges in your life.

The examples shared are not inclusive and are simply given to open ones mind up to the possibility that maybe there is more to life then what has been shared with us or what we have learned.


From a 'whole' perspective, this refers to the acknowledgement. that. while as humans we are often giving and caring, we also need to be aware that in doing so we need to keep all of our pieces and parts with us.

I'm sure you have heard people say upon a loved ones passing, or the break up of a relationship, “that person took a piece of my heart with them”. While it may be just considered as words to describe the deep feeling of emptiness the person feels with the separation from the loved one, depending on the strength of the feeling put into that statement, they can actually send parts or pieces of themselves to cling to that other person. In doing so the person truly is feeling empty because of part of them was sent, leaving a vacant hole in their energy. In cases where you have sent a part or piece to another or vice versa someone else sending a part of piece to you, that actually is similar to a constant irritant to a wound. As long as those parts are missing, or others are clinging to you, it is a constant reminder of the connection which makes it difficult to heal that situation. If you think of a cut on your finger, you do all you can to clean it so it can heal, but if you bang it again or bend your finger a certain way then it starts to bleed again. Its the same idea when your parts/pieces are clinging to others, or theirs to you, that is like continuously banging or bending your finger so it is not able to heal. When not healed, just as when we have a sore finger, we may see situations differently, or make choices based on those feelings or ties we have through the parts/pieces clinging. Since these choices may be different to the choices we would make when whole, the potential is there for a hindrance to your free will choice and true pathway.
What is important to be aware of in these cases, is that taking your parts back or sending others parts back to them, it is not a sign that they weren't important in your life or that you didn't love them, it actually is a sign of unconditional love for yourself and for others, to reclaim all your own parts to be able to walk your true pathway unhindered and allow the same for them.


As previously mentioned, there are things from our energy that can affect our health and how we feel. Once you walk through the steps of clearing those things not truly you, reclaiming those parts/pieces of yourself from others, then you can focus on your own personal things that can have an affect on your health. The main contributor to our health challenges is our emotions. Every ache, pain, illness, and disease all have an emotional root. Of course once something is in the physical body, its not a one time situation that created it, its a culmination of numerous situations where the same intense emotions have been felt and not healed or released. In a sense they are pushed down leaving a weakness in various areas of your body depending on the emotion. Once the weakness is there, its much more difficult for your own body to heal itself because it can't get past the wall created by the emotional energy in all forms.

A good example of this may be two people walking together, one person goes over on their ankle and breaks it while the second person goes over at the exact same point, the exact same way as the first person, but doesn't break their ankle and may have no discomfort at all. How is it that the second person didn't break their ankle? This goes back to the emotional root aspect. The emotional root for ankle problems is inflexibility and ease of changing directions. The person who broke their ankle, if they were to look at what is happening in their life, and were honest with themselves, they would notice that there are situations in which they are being inflexible, which then creates the emotional energy that settles in that part of their body. When they went over on their ankle, and if the emotional energy settled there is strong, then that little side step was enough to break their ankle. The second person who didn't hurt themselves, doesn't have the same weakness , meaning the issue of inflexibility is a non issue for them, or they are at the least less inflexible then the first person.

As with all stated and talked about previously, we have a responsibility to ourselves to be open and learn and understand all we can about ourselves in order for us to embrace our pure intent for ourselves and develop the same for others. In taking responsibility, its also important to understand that to embrace our pure intent, it also means that we learn to do for ourselves rather then having others do for us. Having said that no man is an island and we are all here to assist each other, but ultimately no one can do or say to you anything that you don't know or know differently in your own right. When we allow others to do for us, we are surrendering our power to them and can be influenced and/or hindered by them through their own perceptions and preconceptions and illusions.


This may be one of the toughest questions you will ask yourself initially. We all have a tendency to think we are doing what is right and have pure intent in our actions, but the list below, while not fully comprehensive, can give you a bit of insight into whether or not you are living your pure intent or if you are deceiving yourself into thinking you are living it.

Questions to consider in helping to identify pure intent within yourself through your actions, behaviours and responses to situations.....

•Do you inspire and lift everyone to their highest potential with unconditional love and acceptance?

•Have you learned to not judge people and instead pray for their health and happiness?

•Do you understand that all happens for a reason, and any path you're on comes to a fork in the road, its not a dead end, but a new opportunity to embrace?

•Are you accepting of others, even though they may not be as you feel they should be or making choices you feel are acceptable?

•Do you have trust and faith, in place of fear, worry, frustration etc in your life?

•Do you trust that you have all you need within yourself to walk your true pathway and learn your chosen lessons?

•Do you embrace all yours and others successes, no matter how small they may seem at the time?

•Do you understand that you are a piece of a greater puzzle, whose piece is as important as all others and your piece is an intricate part of the puzzle?

•Do you respect and have an acceptance of others beliefs and truths even if they are not the same as your own?

•Do you understand the importance and difference between empowering someone and doing for them?

•Do you acknowledge that an understanding of self and others contributes to inner peace?

•Can you understand that there is a fine line between taking responsibility for self and blaming oneself or others for situations?

•Do you embrace the idea that you have the right to live happily and it is your responsibility and within your power to create that happiness for yourself?

•Are you able to reflect on yourself in a way that is positive and from a learning perspective as opposed to one that is critical, creating a negative feeling towards yourself?

If you find yourself responding “no” to any of the above questions, rather than berating yourself, take all as a clue of areas within yourself to focus on and find the triggers of what is causing you to react with those intents outside the umbrella intent. As I mentioned earlier this pure intent is within us all, but with life being life, and the experiences we have all lived, we can have triggers that hinder us from being able to live our pure intent. Once you are able to find those triggers and heal them, then you are able to continue your journey of reaching your pure intent.¬e_id=230504378057&id=198442026254#/pages/The-WISE-Approach/198442026254

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Truth or Freedom and Peace for all?

In our pursuit of personal growth, peace and freedom, we are introduced to many truths. Everyone has their own truth within and providing it's not harming another what is the harm. In looking up the definition of "truth" in various dictionaries, there is no clear one defining definition, there are numerous ones, just as we as individuals have various perceptions of what truth is. I think our truths are an important backbone of our personal growth, but in understanding that we can also acknowledge that our personal truths can shift based on increased knowledge and awareness we may access.

It's wonderful and essential to our own personal growth to share what we have learned after all no man is an island. What we need to take into account as well is that we all have the capacity to find our own truth, and that one truth is no more valid then another, its all based on our personal perceptions and biases.

A simple example, could be two people driving in a car, in the near distance is a large object, the car runs over it and results in a flat tire. Both parties get out and see the tire was flattened by a piece of glass. However there is some question between the parties as to whether or not the driver saw the object and purposely ran over it. There is then a question as to what the object really is. The parties are now going to be late to the place they were going to, which upsets them and also further irritates their feelings in relation to the predicament.

In the example, both see their views of the situaton as truth, both could be irritated at the other because they are not seeing the same truths. What is the result? The time taken to talk about their differences, could have been time used to change the tire or get help to change the tire. Focusing on their common objective, which was to get where they were going, would have sped the process up and at the same time kept the situation pleasant between the two parties. Ultimately, it didn't matter whose truth was really truth in this case. The situation happened and in order to reach their destination united, a mutual respect and understanding was a requirement to ensure that they weren't separated from their initial objective.

Had the parties involved in this example, been so focused on ensuring their truth was validated and upheld, the situation could have turned into one of a loss of friendship, one party walking away leaving the situation behind and having to walk to their destination.

There is a tendancy, when focusing simply on the truth as a vehicle for meeting a goal or objective, for a divide and conquer scenario to play out. If we can be respectful of others truth and focus on the the commonalities rather then the differences, then we are able to come together to work towards a similiar goal.

In the case of freedom and peace, there are common and apparent truths for all, we are slowly loosing our personal freedoms, and there is a strong attempt made to have us continuously living in fear. These truths, for those willing to look at the facts, are very apparent. In finding the common truths for all, we can then begin to develop a mutual goal, that of freedom and peace.

To focus on our truth differences, will only alienate the very people who we want to join in reaching the chosen objective. Mutual respect will allow a person to have their own truths, while working jointly with others with different truths, towards peace and freedom.

Only when we put our differences aside and focus on our mutual objectives can we unite to reach our goal.¬e_id=380925153057&id=198442026254#!/pages/The-WISE-Approach/198442026254

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