Sunday, April 4, 2010

Truth or Freedom and Peace for all?

In our pursuit of personal growth, peace and freedom, we are introduced to many truths. Everyone has their own truth within and providing it's not harming another what is the harm. In looking up the definition of "truth" in various dictionaries, there is no clear one defining definition, there are numerous ones, just as we as individuals have various perceptions of what truth is. I think our truths are an important backbone of our personal growth, but in understanding that we can also acknowledge that our personal truths can shift based on increased knowledge and awareness we may access.

It's wonderful and essential to our own personal growth to share what we have learned after all no man is an island. What we need to take into account as well is that we all have the capacity to find our own truth, and that one truth is no more valid then another, its all based on our personal perceptions and biases.

A simple example, could be two people driving in a car, in the near distance is a large object, the car runs over it and results in a flat tire. Both parties get out and see the tire was flattened by a piece of glass. However there is some question between the parties as to whether or not the driver saw the object and purposely ran over it. There is then a question as to what the object really is. The parties are now going to be late to the place they were going to, which upsets them and also further irritates their feelings in relation to the predicament.

In the example, both see their views of the situaton as truth, both could be irritated at the other because they are not seeing the same truths. What is the result? The time taken to talk about their differences, could have been time used to change the tire or get help to change the tire. Focusing on their common objective, which was to get where they were going, would have sped the process up and at the same time kept the situation pleasant between the two parties. Ultimately, it didn't matter whose truth was really truth in this case. The situation happened and in order to reach their destination united, a mutual respect and understanding was a requirement to ensure that they weren't separated from their initial objective.

Had the parties involved in this example, been so focused on ensuring their truth was validated and upheld, the situation could have turned into one of a loss of friendship, one party walking away leaving the situation behind and having to walk to their destination.

There is a tendancy, when focusing simply on the truth as a vehicle for meeting a goal or objective, for a divide and conquer scenario to play out. If we can be respectful of others truth and focus on the the commonalities rather then the differences, then we are able to come together to work towards a similiar goal.

In the case of freedom and peace, there are common and apparent truths for all, we are slowly loosing our personal freedoms, and there is a strong attempt made to have us continuously living in fear. These truths, for those willing to look at the facts, are very apparent. In finding the common truths for all, we can then begin to develop a mutual goal, that of freedom and peace.

To focus on our truth differences, will only alienate the very people who we want to join in reaching the chosen objective. Mutual respect will allow a person to have their own truths, while working jointly with others with different truths, towards peace and freedom.

Only when we put our differences aside and focus on our mutual objectives can we unite to reach our goal.¬e_id=380925153057&id=198442026254#!/pages/The-WISE-Approach/198442026254

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