Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basking in a Wishing Well

A Wishing Well as defined by dictionary.com is :

~ a well or pool of water supposed to grant the wish of one who tosses a coin into it.~

By definition alone, we can see the difference of the Wishing Well from the Emotional Gravity Wells (EMG). You will notice the affect on the Elements in choosing a Wishing Well over an EMG is significant and has an beneficial shift within a Wishing Well.

As we commit to ourselves to work towards pure intent and unconditional love of self, basking in a Wishing Well is a natural progression for us. We are able to see and embrace the opportunities for learning that each and every situation in our lives presents to us. In doing so we are also able to empower ourselves through forgiveness, understanding (of both ourselves and others) leading to unconditional love of self.

We all act, react, and behave as a result of our previous experiences and learning. To step back from any given situation, and enlarge your perspective of it, we allow ourselves to to enjoy the peace and calm of the Wishing Well. When in this space, we are also able to, through our pure intent throw our coins into the Wishing Well, as defined in the above definition

At the heart of all, everyone wants the same outcome, has the same objective. We all want peace within and peace on earth. To get there, we need to be who we want others to be. If we can put competition and individual truths aside, and focus on the objective, then we will be much more successful in creating a unity through unconditional love and peace that no one or nothing can conquer.

To wish another success in their mutual objective, is to give power to the intent. Our thought intent is our power , and it's not hard to imagine the power behind us all embracing pure intent, unconditional love of self and a strong focus on our mutual objective.

To focus on mutual truth leads to a divide and conquer scenario which relinquishes the power of the intent behind our thought. We may not all believe the same individual truths, and providing we are not harming others through our truths, we all have the right to believe what we choose. A focus on a mutual objective (I.E. love, peace, freedom to be who we are, mutual respect) allows for a unified engine of thought intent power.

Not only does choosing and acting within a Wishing Well have a positive affect mentally and emotionally on you, but physically you are more relaxed, more content and have more energy and vigor. Naturally, the benefits of feeling at peace and relaxed, is the attraction of the same to your energy. No longer are you attracted to drama or those who feed from it.

If you find you are in a situation that looks or feels familiar to an EMG (discussed in previous note) , see below an exercise you can use to ease the effects of the emotions and energies on you, so you are able to focus on looking within to identify and clear your triggers, to be able to bask yourself in a Wishing Well instead.

~Sit in your sun (representative of your own core energies)

~Ask that the Forgiveness Heart© do all appropriate in attracting and transmuting all energies you are holding onto that forgiveness is needed for. This includes forgiveness of self as well as others. The Forgiveness Heart will transmute all to unconditional love and forgiveness.

~ For those things you can't control, begin sending the energy of those things you can't control to the Freedom Star© (as seen in previous note)

~ Now ask that all energies that are part of the EMG be transmuted to those of a Wishing Well, and feel the power of your own core energies, helping to lighten your load.

~ If you are deep into an EMG, this exercise is recommended to be used regularly as a way of helping you to clear yourself from it.

~ When you are finished the exercise, call on your coreself, mitochondria and symbionts to rebalance your energy appropriately.

We all have one goal, we all have the power, it's just a matter of recognizing it and embracing as individuals, strengthening the whole.


© The WISE Approach 2009

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