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Emotional Gravity Wells

A gravity well is the pull of gravity that a large body in space exerts. The larger the body (the more mass) the more of a gravity well it has.

For our purposes, we will reform that definition into one that helps us to understand the effect of an Emotional Gravity Wells© (EGW) on us, our lives and those around us.

We all have and feel emotions, that is one of the wonderful things about being human, however along with the good comes the more challenging ones that we can, without an understanding, get overwhelmed with.

An EMG can be likened to a reverse whirlpool of swirling emotions. We can be pulled into our own EGW that we share with others at any time, even daily, depending on who we interact with at any given time.

For a reverse whirlpool to exist, the conditions must be such, within the water, that there is a blockage in some way of moving forward. For our purpose of understanding an EGW, its our emotions that create the blockages to the smooth flow of the water. The energy of the emotions like hurt, pain, anger, frustration etc set the stage or the origins of the gravity well. The emotions of the other party(s) involved in the creation of the EGW act as a mirror for us, and without an understanding of your part and for others within them, you both have the potential to be sucked in. The more situations experienced and the strength of the emotions involved, will influence the size of the gravity well. In the particular example of it being between only two people, the minute one of the parties gets a 3rd, 4th, 5th etc person involved, then your gravity well will grow, feeding off the emotions of the parties involved.

You can recognize an Emotional Gravity Well© based on peoples response to the emotions identified above. If they react in defense, or lash out in anger to the other person, and the other person responds the same way, then you have your beginnings of a gravity well. With each reaction/response mentioned, you are feeding the gravity well energy, either to burn bridges or to create new bonds within and potential without as well.

What are the affects of being in or pulled into a gravity well?

Being pulled into a newly created gravity well is definitely much easier to free yourself of, with the right understanding of the situation, where as those created over lifetimes that surface in this lifetime are a little more challenging, yet very possible. When you are in a gravity well, you feel this need to respond to every comment made to or about you that is more negative based. There comes a feeling of being attacked unfairly (which could very well be true), but along with that feeling, you also create your own emotions within yourself that have an affect on how you see every situation in your life. These emotions also have an affect on the choices you make daily. You will spend a lot of your time focusing on this situation, which can be a distraction from what is important in your life. You may also find that it's your right or your chosen job to stand up for someone else if you are drawn into one.

When you find yourself defending who you are, take a step back and consider why you feel the need to do so. Why wouldn't you automatically think that they would know simply appreciate you from your past actions or from knowing you. We really have no one else to impress with ourselves and leading by example (i.e. being who we want others to be) is something we can all do and it is noticed by people. If you don't feel people know you for who you are, or that people who don't know you, may feel something bad about you, as a result of others opinions, then we need to step back and find out, from within, why this and their opinions matters so much to us.

If you have been in an ongoing battle with someone, have you noticed that after some time, you forget what the original issue was. If we don't work to pull ourselves out of a gravity well then we just get sucked in deeper and deeper. At this point, if you think about the idea of a gravity well being funnel shaped, the deeper you go the less light you are able to see. It's when you are getting deeper and deeper ,that the original issue is lost to us, all we know then is the emotions that are drawing us deeper and deeper into it. As with being unteathered from the foundations of existence, it's difficult to create a foundation of self of unconditional love of self and pure intent.

To prevent the formation of a gravity well we need to have an understanding of self and why we and others respond and react as we do. The creation of a gravity well is not about blame but it is about our own individual responsibility to ourselves to learn about ourselves and work towards unconditional love of self. When we realize that a gravity well is just an indicator that we have some internal work to do on ourselves, we can step back and put the focus where it needs to be rather then powering the gravity well. As you are able to understand your responses and feelings, you are then able to forgive the other person and walk away from the gravity well. Without you feeding it, the gravity well will dissipate, as do whirlpools when the blocks are cleared from the water, allowing a smooth flow.

Being caught in an EGW, has not only a mental and emotional affect, but it also can have a physical manifestation. You will find you are stressed, tired and that nothing seems to go the way you expect or think it should go in many parts of your life.

How can you get out of a gravity well?

1. The main way as mentioned above is to gain an understanding of self and others, which comes from healing and personal growth.

2. Ensuring your intent is pure, as noted in a previous note, is a must, as part of the understanding needed to steer clear of falling into or creating gravity wells.

3. Take a step back and look at the situation, and then look within to see where the triggers are that have pulled you into the gravity well. This isn't about self blame, this is about taking responsibility for your health, growth and well being.

4. Understand that you have no control over how others react, respond, think, believe etc. You only have control over how you react, respond, think, believe. Once you are able to appreciate and understand that, and release the energy created, by the emotions, you feel, with that lack of control, then you are able to clear away blocks to miraculous outcomes for the situation.

5. We must see the situation through loving eyes, i.e. loving of ourselves and of others.

6. Our ultimate goal is to shift the energies of an Emotional Gravity Well into that of a Wishing Well where we have inner peace, unconditional love, faith and trust and wish that for all others.

To be free and clear of gravity wells, it takes a conscious effort and commitment to ourselves for personal growth, pure intent and understanding. Only then, when we have that peace within will there be peace on earth.

With thanks to the below website for their simplified scientific definition of a gravity well.!/pages/The-WISE-Approach/198442026254?v=wall&ref=search

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