Monday, February 15, 2010

~Inner peace, unconditional love and pure intent is our power foundation for change~

In these exciting yet challenging times of change within the world, as individuals, what control do we have?

It's very easy to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the upheavals happening or needing to happen. As an individual, it's difficult to see the power we have not only within ourselves but as a collective. Each of us has a piece of the puzzle and each is an important piece. All are needed to accomplish our shared objective of peace on earth.

Peace on earth begins with peace within. While it's true that we can't all sit behind our computers and have the material changes manifest automatically, it's also true that if we aren't feeling our own inner peace , and taking that to the outside world, then we won't be able to create the shift in consciousness and changes that are needed.

If you are passionate about creating change, then that passion comes from within not from our emotions. While we may be able to fuel our passion with our emotions, for lasting and profound change, we need to be in control of our emotions. We need to have our own inner peace.

Protests/ can be a wonderful way to share your perspective with the world and bring about change. In such cases, while its our emotions (i.e. anger, frustration, fear),that feed our drive.. we need to be aware of the power of our emotions and learn to use them to meet our objective. If we don't have control of those emotions, then we are easily triggered in situations that can and will result in conflict. Everyone has the right to believe what they do, without harm coming to them or others. We can't force anyone to believe or think as we do, it's only within our control to share our perspective in the hope that we are planting seeds for them to nourish and grow.

By allowing ourselves to be controlled by our emotions and triggered at the first sign of someone not buying into what we are selling, we are no longer working from a place of love and peace. This can result in alienation from those who truly come from that place. In the long term, any change created through a lack of inner peace is simply the same old same old, with the exception of new faces at the helm.

If it is our passion to take a stand, and to embrace the job of sharing the knowledge, information and peace we hold, then we have a responsibility not only to ourselves but to others to do so coming from a place of inner peace and love, which is the very thing we are hoping to achieve.

For those things we can't control, here is a wonderful exercise to help us surrender the energy of those things that actually create blocks to our moving forward...

~visualize yourself sitting in your sun (representing your core energies) and you are sending the energy of all you can't control to the Freedom Star* outside your personal sheilds...and have your coreself filling in all areas vacated with faith, trust and unconditional love...rebalance your energy appropriately ~

© The WISE Approach 2009

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