Peace is what I want and for my contribution to it, I am choosing to ...

1. Go beyond my fear to see that taking a life is never the right resolve, ever.

2. Keep a focus of peace and only entertaining solutions that will have an end solution of peace.

3. Understand that while I may not agree with one or the others side or version of the situation, I can learn a great deal about each side, by simply looking deeper into the conflict.

4. With that understanding, I can now focus on solutions that meet the common objective of peace.

5. Understand that all conflict is rooted in a place of fear. 

6. Understand that it is very easy to get caught up in my own emotional attachments and feel others emotional attachments, and be sucked into the Emotional Gravity Well. 

7. See each side from their perspective in order to see the big picture of the conflict. 

8. Understand that peace is not only something for someone else to contribute to and be, it begins with me. 

9. See the value in all life including my own, before I give value to those things without awareness. 

10. Not follow but lead by example in the pursuit of peace.

Give peace a chance, Live WISE~