Monday, February 15, 2010

Freedom Star

This exercise is an opportunity for you to free yourself of the burden of those situations, people's responses, reactions, behaviours etc that are beyond your control. We can only control our own actions/reactions, and behaviours, yet, without awareness of an alternative, we hold onto expectations, frustration, anger, hurt, worry and fear..

This is a powerful meditiation to clear those emotional energy and blocks, allowing you to contribute to a resolution not only to the situation at hand but is also beneficial to our own health and wellbeing. This exercise is also an important one for leading you out of a gravity well and into a wishing well.

~visualize yourself sitting in your sun (representing your core energies) ..feel how warm and inviting it is.

~ now look beyond your personal shields and see the Freedom Star©

~ see the energy of those things you are not able to control flowing to the Freedom Star©

~feel your coreself filling in all areas vacated with faith, trust and unconditional love

Continue the release on a regular basis to keep clearing potential blocks to miracles manifesting

When you have completed the meditation, call on your coreself, mitochondria and symbionts to rebalance your energy appropriately¬e_id=294631093057&id=198442026254#!/pages/The-WISE-Approach/198442026254

© The WISE Approach 2009

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