Friday, January 22, 2010

The Eagle has Landed

Ever wonder how we can help to expand our perceptions to see. not only the trees but the beautiful forest? Calling on and reclaiming our Golden Eagle allows us to soar high above all with power and courage.

The following exercise/meditation allows you the opportunity to reunite with those energies within that the Golden Eagle represents and creates a sharing of consciousness not only on an individual level but using the 100th monkey affect, we can help shift the energy of each and every eagle symbol used in the world.

To reconnect with your Golden Eagle, visualize yourself in your sun (representative of your own core energies)....

Call forward your Golden Eagle..look deeply into each others eyes and feel the trust and faith between you both.....ask your Golden Eagle to remove any bindings that have been placed on its freedom..

See your Golden Eagle land on your right shoulder facing the same direction you are...

You are now united shoulder to shoulder looking out on the world together, with this new understanding, vision, and higher consciousness. Your expanded perception allows you to see a more empowering solution to your own situation(s) and to shift world mass consciousness.

Once you have reconnected with you Golden Eagle, then ask it, through the eagle mass consciousness to send out unconditional love and pure intent through all eagles whether they be real or inanimate....

Through the 100th monkey effect, we can ensure that unconditional love and pure intent is flowing freely in all aspects of society where the eagle is used symbolically I.E. american postage stamps, numerous government and corporate buildings across North America and Europe and all other places world wide, country crests, group emblems, the list is endless....lets work with our eagles to create a shift to unconditional love and pure intent world wide.

© The WISE Approach 2009

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