Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Power of Thought

It's pretty common knowledge the power of thought intent. That is one of the purposes of the 100th Monkey Club, to increase the potential of having a positive effect on the mass consciousness, through our own personal commitment to embracing unconditional love of self and inner peace.

In a world that is ever shifting, it takes increased focus to not only ensure we focus on understanding why we act or behave or react as we do...but also be aware that as we do that for ourselves, we are also gaining valuable insights into others behaviours, actions and reactions. We don't have to like the behaviour of another person, but when we are able to understand where it is coming from, it is easier to acknowledge our own responsibilities within a given situation, IE choosing if we want to respond seeing the situation through loving eyes, or through our emotions eye glasses, where the emotions we choose to hold onto cloud and filter the situation.

As we grow within ourselves and are able to gain control of our emotions, choose how we will react to various situations, then and only then will we be able to see all situations for what they are...learning opportunities. This will also bring about balance for us and our natural state will be a positive one.

If we feel that we must be positive always and it is a forced positivity, meaning it doesn't flow naturally, then at some point, we will be overwhelmed with frustration, and having or developing intent that falls out beyond the pure intent umbrella.

As seen within the Pure Intent blog, those thought intents that fall outside the protection and power of your pure intent umbrella, can lead to situations where nothing seems to go as we feel it should, relationships are not as we deserve to have them and life has a feeling of defeat attached to it.

Another particular important thing to understand in relation to the power of thought relates to the mirror effect. What we see in others, especially the more negative attributes, are those things within us that we need to work on within ourselves. Every person we meet is a mirror reflection of ourselves. Pay close attention to what you are seeing in the mirrors we call friends, family and acquaintances. There is valuable knowledge within each and every relationship you have.

The ability to respond to anyone with unconditional love, means it is what will come back to you. In those situations where we respond with hurt or anger or hatred, and the emotions are strong and focused enough, you are sending energy to those people that can interfere or get in the way of their free will choices, and your contribution to the situation will either trigger the same within them, or will enhance an already volatile situation.

We're all aware of karma and it's affect on each of us, and if you get back 10 fold what you send out...I'm all for and prefer to receive unconditional love back then the thought energy that could potentially lead me astray outside my Pure Intent umbrella.

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