Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shifting our perceptions of fear to faith, trust and unconditional love

All this talk about releasing fear...we know we need to...we really want to ...but "ugh" it's sooo hard to. Fear is actually more a symptom or reaction to a root cause.

Fear not ..with understanding, determination and a hunger to embrace who we truly are, fear can be replaced with faith and trust in ourselves and the universe. This step is an intrical part of inner peace.

The number one factor contributing to our fear is a lack of control that we feel in any given situation. You're afraid of what this or that person may feel or say or do in any situation, because we can't control their response or behaviours. What are some of the symptoms that result in fear?

Basic Needs Not Met

A good example is the fear that people are feeling with the economy. Many have lost their jobs, lost their money, their homes and with that comes the fear of their basic needs not being met. This kind of fear can consume a person leaving them little time to focus on what they still have in life, the important things like family and good friends. Some would say, your right, but I appreciate my family and friends, but I need food and I need shelter etc, to which everyone would agree. A suggested alternative perception would be to consider whether that holding onto ones fear, is actually creating blocks to allowing the universe to work its magic. The economy is something we have little control over in the larger sense, but we can do whatever is within our control.


More and more this fear is growing leaps and bounds in many circles. We are made to feel like children in the sense that the government insists that we are't safe and they know what is best for us and will "protect" us. The last thing we need are more laws and erosion of our personal freedom. We need to remember, and once again this is having faith in yourself and the universe, that everything is as it should be. Every situation we encounter in life has a purpose, focus on finding the purpose of the situation and doing what you need to do within to gain that inner peace and understanding. The Human spirit is powerful and uncompromising in survival, the key is to make your survival be inner peace. It's important here to also remember, learning to be in control of our emotions rather then the opposite, will keep us from being controlled by anger and frustration, that doesn't really change the situation in a way that you want it to change. If we feel love is the answer, then act with that intent, and know love shouldn't hurt...anyone. Having said that, the suggestion is not that we should lay down and allow ourselves to be controlled, more that unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding, is a power that we can all weild and lead by example.

Not Being Good Enough

When we find ourselves in situations where we are fearful someone won't like us, or that we said something stupid, or in hindsight didn't like the way we presented ourselves, this once again is an example of a fear where we have little control. We can't control how the person(s) feel about us, or how they will respond to our gestures, no matter what those gestures may be (ie apologies, opinions etc). If we want to look at the root of this fear, it really lies within ourselves. The way we respond, react, behave from others actions or words towards us is a wonderful way to look within for the trigger. People are like a mirror for us. While the earlier root of fear is requiring some faith and trust in ourselves, it calls for a faith and trust in the universe. In this particular example, the major shift in releasing this fear relates to our own inner peace and knowing. In being able to take responsibility for ourselves (as opposed to blaming ourselves), we are able to understand ourselves and others better, which leads to a faith and trust in ourself. This can melt away our fears of not being good enough. If we don't feel we are good enough, we can thank our family, friends and acquaintances for pointing out to us those areas we need to focus on. The intriquing thing about this is they don't even realize they are helping us.

Will I Reach My Dreams

This symptom, is another that relates to us directly. While no man is an island, we have our own individual responsibility to do what is within our control to make our dreams come true. The first thing we need to do is dare to dream. Many of us are fearful to even dream, in case it doesn't happen or in case it does happen. We need to realize that we are all worthy of the dreams we create and that its only by releasing our fears, can we reach those dreams. Once again the fear creates a block to the very thing we wish to manifest. Embrace those fears, learn about ourself from them and melt the fear with our understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love of self.

There are many other situations where our fears manifest. For the purposes of this note, not all have been mentioned, but we can be guarenteed that the root cause of the manifestation of the fear is the same for every situation. When we don't acknowledge our true selves through understanding, unconditional love and taking responsibility, but choose to blame ourselves or others, then we lose our power and control. Any fear we hold replaces any faith and trust we have with ourselves and with the universe. This is a new perception for us, in how we can change our lives and empower ourselves. Below is a very powerful exercise that will enable us to surrender the energy of those things we are not able to control, while embracing our power through a replacement of the fear with faith and trust.

There are factors beyond ourselves that we need to be aware of that can have an affect on our own feelings. The main one being others energy. Whether we are consciously aware or not, we can feel others emotions or energy. If you were in a room where everyone is fearful, you could definitely begin to feel the fear of the others, and although we may been working hard to clear our fears, it can also be a clue that their fear is resonating within us, a fear maybe not recognized or that we have been able to identify.

The FREEDOM STAR Exercise/Med

~visualize yourself sitting in your sun (representing your core energies) and you are sending the energy of all you can't control to a star outside your personal sheilds...and have your coreself filling in all areas vacated with faith, trust and unconditional love ~

© The WISE Approach 2009

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