Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The WISE Manifesto for Healthy Relationships


  • I recognize that a healthy loving relationship with self is the key to a healthy loving relationship with another.

  • I recognize that there are many influences on the definition of relationships through music, movies and literature. The creation of our own definition beyond external influences results in healthy loving relationships.

  • I recognize we are all individuals and to nurture that individuality within the relationship will ensure not only our own growth individually but within the relationship as well.

  • I recognize that placing expectations on others leads to self imposed limitations with myself and within the relationship

  • I recognize that giving parts/pieces of oneself or taking of others, in ways that interfere with or impede individuals truth and/or being whole, ultimately results in imbalance and discourse within the relationship. The intent of each individual in a relationship will be apparent early on within the connection.

  • I recognize that the "honeymoon" phase of a relationship provides us with many valuable clues about the other person, and listening to our inner voice is the key to understanding the future potential of the relationship.

  • I recognize that trust in others begins with trust in oneself.

  • I recognize that previous relationships can have an effect on present relationships if the traps (both emotional and physical) are not acknowledged and fully understood.

  • I recognize that a healthy loving relationship will develop based on the intent of both parties to it. 

  • I recognize that actions speak louder then words.

  • I recognize that I am whole and comfortable and embrace who I am.

  • I recognize that if I have to coax/convince or be coaxed/convinced to do something, then I am not being true to myself nor respecting the other person.

  • I recognize that if I do not feel good about myself within the relationship then I am not in a healthy loving relationship

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