Friday, December 18, 2009

A shifted perspective for understanding the Law of Attraction

A few years back when the Secret marketing campaign began, I watched the video and felt a feeling of something missing with it. Everything that was mentioned made total sense, yet felt there was a missing peice to the puzzle.

The challenging times we live in put the focus for most, related to the Law of Attraction, on attracting abundance to themselves. I am all for abundance, but think that we need to expand our perceptions on what abundance really is. To me the greatest abundance we can have is inner peace and true unconditional love of self.

Those things that we attract are those things that resonate within. The greater the understanding we have of ourselves and others, the more we attract that abundance to ourselves. When we are stuck, being controlled and clouded by our emotions, then that is what we attract. The energies that resonate with what we are feeling within. When we progressively move forward to learn how to control our emotions, thus increasing our understanding of ourselves and others, then that is what we attract that leads to inner peace. Personal growth is a process and not a one time act.

We will always be confronted with situations that test our resolve to our understanding and unconditional love of self. As we progress, those energies that don't fit with who we have grown into, will simply bounce off us, as we will identify them as no longer fitting with who we truly are.

Self growth is one of the few things we are able to fully control in our lives and it will bring you the most powerful results.

To benefit from the Law of Attraction, we have to move forward in our personal growth towards inner peace and unconditional love of self, which is the greatest abundance we can have in our lifetime.

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