Thursday, March 10, 2011

Introduction to Understanding Energy Interferences, Intrusions and Constraints

Please note that some of the information in this note may stir up emotions in people, the point of the note is to bring awareness and know that everything mentioned here can be dealt with. Worst case scenario just by being aware takes some of the power away from them. The point of their antics is to create fear, so don't fall into their trap. Read the information, in the context it is presented in, for awareness and knowledge. Knowledge is power. Also we are realize that we are powerful in our own right which is the reason for their interferences, they fear nothing more then us standing in our own power. They know the truth of us, its just time for us to embrace it for ourselves.

In order to have a basic understanding of what I'm about to share with you, a foundation of understanding will be helpful. I've listed some of the basics below:

1. Everything is energy, you are energy, you computer, your desk, the road, your home etc are all energy vibrating at various frequencies. Every thought or intent you have creates energy, the power of that thought energy depends on the amount of your energy you give to it. (I.e. the more focus you give to it the more powerful the thought is)

2. All of us have the right to be clean, whole and healthy (for more info on that you can read the note on The Power and Protection of Pure Intent at¬es_tab=app_2347471856#!/note.php?note_id=175640513057

3. Whether you believe something or not, being open to the possibility and asking questions will allow you to determine whether it resonates within you.

4. All that is physical has an energy component to it that feeds the physical manifestation. A simple example is that you are more then your body, you are an energy and what interferes with your energy can and will eventually manifest in the physical at some point (i.e. emotional energy held in your energy will eventually manifest in illness in your physical body)

For this note, I'm going to focus on the energy constraints/interferences that I have come across in myself and my work with others. Some of it may not align with your belief systems, and that is ok, all I suggest is that you be open to the possibility. Knowledge is power.


I would say that unless we have the awareness of such and able to clear them, there is a good chance all in some way are affected. The varying degree depends on individual experiences and lifetimes. Most of us have lived many lifetimes with a variety of experiences and if you take the illuminati/powers that be, for example, we all have had connections in varying ways to them. These connections can be through ancestor/family ties, family connections to the masons and other illuminati connected groups as well as our conscious acceptance or buy into their network. Most that consciously are accepting do so because they are unaware of or are deceived into thinking that they are actually benefitting mankind in someway.

In looking at day to day life for the average person, you can have energy interferences from others who you may have had situations with that created intense emotions. There are also those who like to drain your energy, leaving you feeling tired and worn out. There are people who are aware of the power of energy and will purposefully use it to their own benefit to manipulate and try to change the outcome of various situations.

The important thing to remember, as mentioned in the Pure Intent note, is that we all have the right to be free of such intrusions on our energy. Any energy constraint/interference/intrusion can and will interfere with your thoughts and thought processes and as a result can interfere with your free will choice.


There are a number of wrongful uses of energy but for the purposes of this note I will just touch on a few of the more prominent ones that I see fairly regularly with people.

1. Contracts. This one relates to our conscious acceptance of doing something with or for someone else. In relation to the illuminati, for individuals who have been deceived or otherwise into joining various organizations and groups, that is a contract they are making with that group and along with that comes an energy aspect to the contract. The energy attached will filter and/or block the person's ability to do critical thinking into what they may be doing or asked to do. The energy attached to the contract also can interfere with their ability to see the true consequences of their actions.

In cases of the entertainment industry, while most are bred or born into their role, those that find themselves "big" at an older age (teens, late teens), the abuse they suffer as a child, this creates the perfect back drop to be lured into fame and fortune, to feed their shattered ego. So when a contract is presented to them by say the music industry, all they can see is the fame and fortune, and they sign happily, not aware that their signing the contract is not only signing away more of themselves but also accepting the energy constraints on them that limit their ability to "see" things as they really are. Of course on top of all that is the intense programming and splitting that they will then endure.

2. Oaths and Vows. If you think about it, this is more common then you may realise. Again in an everyday person the effects are not as strong as they may be in those that are intensely preyed upon. Never the less, the energy attached to any oaths and vows can have an affect on our movement forward in life. A good example, I've come upon with people are those that have married in a church (where the sacrament of marriage is a vow) who have trouble moving beyond a divorce, While the vow is not the whole reason they couldn't move forward, the energy of the vow (which says till death do us part) is always in the back of their mind, creating emotions and concerns about their choices even if they aren't consciously aware of it.

3. Curses and spells. While you may not believe in such, they are just intensely focused thought energy. You have likely at some point in your life been upset enough with someone that you used those exact words or some similar, without really having the intent of doing such a thing. However there are those who will purposely do such things as mentioned earlier to manipulate people or to "punish" them. The power or intensity of the emotions is the key to their power. Also if what they are sending resonates within us. (Example sending you fear energy to keep you constantly in a place of fear) then any fear you hold already within your energy will be triggered which can intensify what you are feeling.

4. Energy forms and objects. There can be various examples of these. The one I find most often relates to illuminati rites and rituals. Again what ever happens in the physical has an energy component to it, so for example if someone is branded or gets a tattoo of sorts by the illuminati (which means there is an intent behind it)or as a result of their own programming drawing them to it, then so to is there an energy tattoo. Those energy tattoos hold the energy intent of the physical tattoo. There has been many butterfly examples of tattoos by various people in the industry, not only is the physical a reminder of their programming, but so is the energy tattoo that is holding the intent within their energy.

Another interesting one I've come across, that I'll share is a ritual where the "master" will make the "slave" think they have taken their heart. The "master" will replace the heart with a ring on the slave's energy finger. To consider removing the ring is upsetting to the "slave", because they are programmed (and it's reinforced by the energy of the ring on their energy finger) to believe that to remove the ring means they no longer have a heart. This is a good example of the effect programming and energy can have on our thought processes. Logically speaking we all know if we are living we have a heart, so it makes no sense that removing the ring leaves the person with no heart. Those that have removed the rings from their fingers have experienced a feeling of freedom and the feeling of impending doom ceases the moment the ring is removed.

The illuminati focus their attention on people who have strong psychic type abilities. Of course, it is to their benefit to manipulate those with such abilities and use them how they see fit. In this way, with their knowledge of energy and how to manipulate and use it, they are able to telepathically interfere with people's thoughts and enter into their dreams. Intruding on dreams and via telepathy is a way they know people will claim the thoughts and dreams as their own making and if the thoughts and dreams are not so nice, they wont be spoke of to anyone. By doing so, even if the person isn't following through on the thoughts or dream messages given, they are at the least likely questioning themselves and how could they be like that or how could they think that etc.

The above note is by no means exhaustive but a good introduction to the effects energy can have on us. Because everything is energy, looking at and dealing with things from this perspective is very powerful. It is the difference between feeling helpless in a situation and feeling empowered. The more we are able to clear from our own energy and take our power back, the less power those that work towards holding us down will have.

© The WISE Approach 2011

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