Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What if?...

What if ...we are here to experience and the purpose of our experiences, both those within our control and beyond, are an invaluable part of growth into who we are born to be?

What if ...we all have a personal responsibility to ourselves to create the changes and shifts we want to see?

What if ...we understand that our personal shifts have a profound effect on the world we live in?

What if ...we understand that we have come into this time with everything we need to make shifts happen, but it first starts within ourselves?

What if ...all that is happening in the world today is actually meant to be distractions to our own personal growth and path to enlightenment?

What if... the truth is, we can save ourselves, rather then relying on anyone outside ourselves whether that be other beings or technologies.

What if ...clearing our own personal energy of interfering influences to our own inner peace, can actually create an energy shift that can create the love, peace and freedom we all long for?

What if ...we are able to come from a feeling of empowerment (knowing our own inner strength) rather then a less empowered one (feeling a lack of control?)

What if ...we can feel love and peace within daily, allowing us to contribute to shifts contributing to powerful changes in the world?

What if ...the divine or universal assistance we feel will come, isn't able to come until we are self empowered?

What if ...we are able to clear our triggers that can get in the way of our feeling inner peace and living with pure intent?

What if....coming from a place of self empowerment and unconditional love of self can replace/clear all fear?

What if ....it is so?

Are you ready to open yourself up to the possibility?

Live WISE~


© The WISE Approach 2010


  1. I'm happy to read such a blog, Gail, with a positive point of view. i just started Oneness, as you may have heard about it. Many of your statements i recognize. Good luck.