Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Empath Shield

We all know that we are connected which means we are able to feel what others are feeling even if we aren't consciously aware we are doing so. While one of our jobs as humans is to be of service to others, taking on their pain or feeling their pain in a way that is preventing us from being able to stand in our own power is not helpful to ourselves or to others.

It's very easy to get an overwhelming feeling of our own with all the chaos that is happening world wide and when we are feeling fear, worry, anger, frustration, we are not contributing the type of energy that we need to send out to the collective to find a resolve for the various situations.

The following is what I call an empath shield that we all can create for ourselves. that will block. transmute to unconditional love and rebound back unconditional love to all whose energy we are feeling that isn't appropriate. If given the choice to send fear or love which would you choose? This shield will take care of those overwhelming feelings that are not our own, allowing us to recognize what we still hold ourselves so we are able to focus on our own fear etc and clear it.

I would suggest that with all the turmoil happening world wide that you use the thought intent of an empath shield for the mass consciousness. Love is the answer, so let each of us contribute to sending back love to the greater whole.

call on your coreself to birth an empath shield from you inner most particle...that will block...transmute all energies you are feeling that are not appropriate to unconditional love and rebound back the unconditional love to those you are feeling. Have your coreself , mitochondria and symbionts rebalancing your energy appropriately.

I would also suggest after you have created this shield that you use the Freedom Star to clear away the energies of those things you can't control.

The empath shield can also be used for specific individuals or groups of individuals in our day to day lives. This shield is "deceptively simple, by intent and action, it works".

If we feel that we must take others pain, then your empath shield will be significantly weakened by that belief. If you think about it, to be of service to others, we must be whole within ourselves or we are just perpetuating the negative energies. We are more able to serve others if we are able to think clearly and stand in our own power.

Live WISE~

© The WISE Approach 2011

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