Monday, March 14, 2011

Understanding our Power

There are so many threats against us within the physical world. To better understand this post, you'll need to look beyond your preconceived notions of who we are and open up to the possibility that everything is energy. The most concrete looking things are all energy. The difference being, the frequency that each thing vibrates at. The energy that is our body is a small portion of our energy. Our physical body is vibrating at a frequency that allows it to exist in the dimension we are in.

However the energy of this dimension is increasing rapidly and we are finding that more people are ill, more people are feeling fearful, and the most fearful threats to many, are those things that come at us on an energy level. The fear of those things like microwaves, implants, mind control etc. If it were truth that we are nothing more then flesh, while fear is never an answer to resolving anything, one could understand the concern. As a flesh only body how can one deal with those things one isn't able to see? Fortunately flesh bodies is not all we are. We aren't only flesh, we are energy. Each of us has our own signature energy and each is as important as the other in creating the collective whole. This is extremely important to understand, because it is the key to us growing into our true power.

Before going any farther, let's start by creating a foundation of understanding;

1. Everything is energy, we humans are included

2. Everything that exists vibrates at varying frequencies.

3. There is nothing that exists to harm us that can't be dealt with by us, once we have the awareness and understanding and are willing to do what we need to do to.

4. Our thought intent is our power.

5. The new paradigm is about Unconditional Love of self and others.

When it's said everything is energy within this blog, unless noted, it's referring to our very being and not the "energy" we expend on a regular basis like going to work, or exercising or cooking, eating etc. If you visualize yourself with the thought intent of seeing yourself, you will see your energy. For our purposes, in introducing you to yourself as energy, see yourself as you look in the flesh. The key in doing this is your thought intent. If you close your eyes with no thought intent, you will not see anything defined but the minute you put the thought intent of seeing yourself, you will do so. Our thoughts and thought intent is also energy and it is the fuel (power) we all hold to doing what we want or need to do.

Now that you have the idea of the energy self, or are at least open to the possibility, let's take this one step further. Once again using our thought intent as our power, we are able to "see" various energy related things that can interfere with the smooth flow of our energy. In order to see these things though, we need an awareness of them, because we don't know what we don't know, once we are aware then they are visible to us.

Let's use implants for example, if we have in our thought intent that we want to see any implants, then to think it will show it. (It is also important to know that our energy is like an onion that we peel away at in our growth. In peeling away layers by layer, it provides us with the ability to see and understand everything much more clearly with each layer cleared.) Back to our example of implants, every physical thing has an energy component and implants are no different. Even if the implant is in your body, it is the energy component to the implant that is its power. Just as our flesh cannot exist without our energy, same goes with all other physical things. In order for implants to "work" there must be a source outside of them that is powering them in someway. One purpose of implants is to share information to the outside source that is looking to control us. To get that information, the outside source is required to use some sort of energy device to get the information and translate it so they can understand it. For example, if it related to your health, you have an implant that holds all your health information within it. In order for the medical community or anyone else to get that information, they will have to scan it, which will, through an energy transmission, share your information in a form that can be understood.

Implants are not part of our own true energy, but are forced, or in some cases accepted into our energy, regardless, it is now within our control to allow them to work or not allow them to work. If our choice is to not allow them to work, we do so on an energy level. With a focus on the energy aspect of the implant we are able to filter or stop the outside energy from having access to the implant. We are also able to shatter the energy aspect of the implant so it no longer exists and what is left is the shell of the implant (the physical/material portion) which no longer can function without the energy to feed it.

In some cases implants can be buried within us without our awareness and may not show up in your initial visual of yourself. This goes back to the layering and working on clearing your own emotional challenges will help to uncover what may still be buried in deeper layers.

In the case of microwaves and any other energies that are not appropriate that we are being affected by to interfere and harm our very existence including mentally, physically and emotionally, they all require energy within us to resonate with to have their desired effects. These things can only have an affect on us, if the frequency of these interferences can resonate with the same frequency within your own energy. For example, if the point of the microwaves is to keep us feeling like victims, feeling intense fear, feeling frustrated, feeling angry, feeling inadequate etc, then the only way these waves can interfere with us, is if we hold those same frequencies within our own energy. If we hold fear, anger, frustration, feel we are not worthy etc then the waves have something they can "ping" with and the outcome is a heightened feeling of those emotions.

In relation to mind control, it works the same way; those that practice mind control have very good knowledge of all of the above and our inherent responses to traumas and day to day situations. There are a number of ways we humans "protect" ourselves. They all happen automatically, and have good reason to happen. However without our own awareness of how these reactions can interfere with us finding and standing in our own power, we become victims to the very things that are in place to help us get through challenging situations.

Mind control happens to people because they are not aware or do not understand the power that comes with awareness. We all have the right to be clean, whole and healthy, but with that is a responsibility to be responsible for yourself and your learning about yourself. This is not a blame situation; it is one of personal growth, learning and awareness. If those that practice mind control didn't think we are powerful in our own right, they wouldn't bother doing it. Mind control is about creating strong enough feelings/emotions within people that they get to a point where they feel no power. Those who are aware, through that awareness alone, are very difficult to mind control, because they are aware of their true power and know that no one can ever take that away from them.

The basics of mind control subjects normally begin in childhood, or if the person is older, it is through manipulation of their awareness, usually through drugs. Children, while they have the awareness within them, after a few years, they have been guided away from embracing their true knowledge, to live in the "real world" or as society suggests is the right way to think and live. Their programming starts very young and we all have to take responsibility for some of it, not just those that prey on others to control their minds.

For those that are older, you will find that most have had traumatic experiences in life which has already set the scene for their manipulation. You will notice in the entertainment industry that mind control is a common thing, and those who are victims of it have had experiences either themselves or within the family that has "ripened" them for mind control. In that particular industry, it is a want, or misguided need, to be popular, noticed and validated that can contribute to their interest in pursuing that industry. These needs stem from a lack of recognizing who they truly are and their importance in collective whole.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg as an introduction for you related to the power we have within in dealing with the outside interferences that we are all facing in this day and age. Not all are affected by these specific things, but in one way or another we are being bombarded with movies, television, music, disinfo etc designed to take us away from recognizing and embracing who we truly are. Our defence for this is our best offense, by learning to understand who you are, work towards loving yourself unconditionally and finding inner peace. While it seems like a taunting task, it is very possible and is a good place to set your intention and energy, rather then living in the fear that is created to keep you distracted from doing so.

In a future post, you will learn the steps you can take to deal with various things interfering with your energy, but your freeing yourself of the lower vibration emotional energy and moving towards unconditional love of self and inner peace is the key to yours and all our success.

Live WISE!

© The WISE Approach 2011

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